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Industry Camp

Startup Camp Berlin 2017
Internet of Things, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence change the way Industry works today. Learn how to build an Industry Startup.

The Focus Camp "Industry" is a full conference track at the Startup Camp Berlin related to special subjects like Internet of Things, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence and how these technologies change the way Industry works today. The Industry Camp is curated by UVB. Sponsor of the Camp is IBM.

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10:00 Uhr

Madlen Dietrich, Unternehmensverbände Berlin-Brandenburg
Brittany Arthur, Owner www.brittanyarthur.com

10:15 Uhr

Logistics for technology-oriented startups:
How to consider logistics aspects early on

Nicole Hietschold, StartupLog TU München

Especially in the beginning most technology-oriented startups focus on technical development and financing, and ignore logistics aspects. This often leads to spontaneous responses to logistics issues and time-consuming, cost-intensive special processes. Nicole will explain and discuss the need of an early consideration of logistics aspects during the development of a technology-oriented startup. The content of the presentation consist of results of the research project “StartupLog”. This research project (18898 N) of the Bundesvereinigung Logistik e.V. – BVL research association is funded via the AiF within the Joint Industrial Research programme (IGF) by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy based on a decision of the German Bundestag.

11:00 Uhr

Successfull B2B coops with Corporates:
How to win & keep a corporate – things to watch out for

Alexander Piutti, Serial entrepreneur & angel investor

11:30 Uhr

IBM – Sponsor of the Industry Focus Camp

12:30 Uhr


13:30 Uhr

Co-working with startups @DB mindbox
Frank Wolter, Startup Manager -mindbox Berlin at Deutsche Bahn

Frank will outline the activities of Deutsche Bahn to speed up digitalization and cultural change by opening the startup and exchange platform DB mindbox in November 2015 in Berlin. He will introduce the three programs running at DB mindbox: DB Accelerator, DB Challenge and DB Open Data. Finally Frank will show some success stories.

14:10 Uhr
Why it makes sense to connect start-ups and grown-ups - and how to establish fruitful cooperations
Laura Kohler, Founder and CEO of etventure "Startup Hub"
Established companies cooperating with startups say they feel prepared for digital transformation much more often than established companies who do not work with startups yet. However – startup-corporate-cooperations are not always successful. Why? What makes the difference and what kind of cooperation makes sense? The presentation will bring to light some possibilities to drive digital transformation with startups. 
14:40 Uhr

How Virtual Reality can help overcome challenges during industrial plannings
Boris Goldshteyn, CEO AllVR GmbH

In order to leverage automation in the industry, all players have to build new production sites and create new industrial processes. The barriers are similar to the construction industry: long planning and design processes, planning mistakes and a complex communication structure. In order to simplify the process and reduce the overhead there is a new digital way to visualize and communicate during all planning stages: Virtual Reality. See how this new technology can bring benefits for the whole industry.

15:00 Uhr

Beyond the hype, through the hangover:
What’s next for 3D printing and additive manufacturing?

Nicolas Klaus, Sales EU at Formlabs GmbH

After being a center of attention in recent years, 3D printing seems to have failed many high expectations. However, in the shade of an over-hyped and often misunderstood technology, a particular kind of 3D printing experienced continuous growth: one that is both affordable and geared toward professional applications. How will 3D printing be truly game-changing and which industries go first to show it?

15:30 Uhr

Coffee Break

16:00 Uhr

Digitalization & Process Analysis: From Manual Task Execution to Continuous Process Optimization
Dr. Rami-Habib Eid-Sabbagh, CEO Lana Labs GmbH

Efficient digital process execution is a major competitive advantage. How to digitalize your manual tasks and processes? How to enable continuous process improvement? This talk introduces the challenges in the industrial sector and shows a way to digitalization and continuous process optimization.

16:20 Uhr

Avoid buzz words and focus on value
Ran Oren, Founder Pin2Pin

Enterprises are cautious about start-ups and they know perfectly why. Fortunately, todays entrepreneurs are not afraid of rejections and a moving ground, but those ambitions to leave no stone un-turned brings the 2 cultures into collision. Pin2pin Founder talks about professional services and industry changes everyone must watch for. Turn a ship without touching the steering wheel.

16:40 Uhr

How to build a data-driven organization
Leo Marose, Founder dataX Academy

In times of digitalization, every aspect of our life is connected to data. To leverage this data, companies need to understand and master analytics. In this talk, Leo Marose will guide you through the world of big data & data science and show you his approach of how to build a data-driven organization.

17:00 Uhr

End of Focus Camp


Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, Universitätsgebäude am Hegelplatz
Dorotheenstraße 24, 10117 Berlin


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